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Default Perma-Gate Enchantment

This enchantment is always performed at a specific location and must be done twice, once at each end of the gate, but the enchantment only requires a wizard's chest, not a full lab. Immediately after the enchantment roll the enchanter needs to cast Create Gate for the Perma-Gate Enchantment to have effect on just that one gate. (Same enchantment costs as Gate-Lock)

The effect of the enchantment is any attempt to destroy the gate, or change its rules (by anyone other than the enchanter) must win a 5/IQ contest against the enchanter and this also applies to Gate destabilization rolls. So if a gate check rolls an 18 then an immediate contest is held between the IQ zero of the mana field (auto success on a 11 or less on five dice) and the IQ of the (presumably long dead) enchanter. Only if the enchanter is beaten will the gate start to shimmer. (At which point if the person trying to maintain the Gate isn't the enchanter then they must win that roll to save the Gate.)

Note that the enchantment (but not the Gate itself) will be broken if you smash the archway or other stones in that hex that have the glyphs.
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