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Old 10-10-2019, 02:01 AM   #11
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Default Re: Timing of Shift and Defend Option

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
The way to avoid Defend abuse is to engage the enemy (so they can't Dodge) and Defend while your crossbow snipers take them out.

ST 6, DX 12, IQ 14, MA 10
Silver Main-Gauche-staff and Silver Main-Gauche
Fencer, Staff-III, Literacy. (Was raised by wolves, er humans (same thing) so native tongue is Humanish, giving a minus one reaction from "real" goblins.)
Carries a wizard's chest and a big book of IQ 14 and less non-combat spells.

Double parry stops six hits, attacker is at DX -1 and needs to roll five dice to hit. (I.e. needs to have base DX 13 or higher to have better than an auto chance of hitting, with very small chance of double or triple damage results.)

Insert animated gif of a goblin dual wielding a pair of sharpened silver sai here.
Attacker treats weak goblin as 'no threat' and therefore ignores engagement. Goblin can get a free hit as they sweep past him?
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Default Re: Timing of Shift and Defend Option

You are not allowed to 'ignore' engagement by a foe in your size category. This is one of the rules that give TFT it's chess-like qualities. Whether it makes physical sense to you or not, you have to stick with it or risk having the system come unglued. It would be a little like insisting that your rook can ignore a pawn on a chess board.
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Default Re: Timing of Shift and Defend Option

ITL does say that non-threatening figures don't cause engagement. It's up to the GM to rule what qualifies.

Generally an armed adult would seem like a serious threat, but someone who is just trying to bluff foes into stopping while they Defend? Many games over the years have adopted "you don't engage me" house rules that instead of leaving it up to the GM, let anyone move through Engagement but at some consequence such as getting attacked or possibly jumped into HTH by the foes whose engagement they are ignoring.

Of course, this simple question thread has now been sidetracked by an ironic complaint post.. and so perhaps these last posts on this sub-topic should be moved to the House Rules sub forum.
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