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Default Re: Where to find information on material DR

Originally Posted by (E) View Post
Here is some noodling about the DR of various woods.
Given that all woods generate their strength from the same basic cellulose, you aren't going to be super wrong just making them all have the same DR at any given weight.
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Default Re: Where to find information on material DR

Originally Posted by SClay View Post
purchased and looked through pyramid 3/52.

it does cover the necessary rules, you can make armor that way.
I really don't see the value of the hyper focus on TL outside excluding materials and production types, which should be a consideration of the campaign setting usually,
TL threshold availably can always be ignored* if you want it in your campaign (although obviously there may well be knock on effects for doing that since advances in tech unless somehow constrained have a habit of driving other things as well)

*or you call your campaign TLX+Y when +Y is the specific thing you want to access if you want to do this in GURPS nomenclature

Originally Posted by SClay View Post
not really as useful for the crafting of an item itself, and rather than an equation things like "Don" could probably benefit from a chart and have the equation as a foot note.

it would streamline the creation process (which is currently 8 steps, per piece of armor)
It feels a little clunky to me, so I am probably going to set up a spreadsheet with all the right data for quick use.
Computers were practically made for set it and forget it math.

Yep that's exactly what I did, once done you can bang out bits of armour really quickly with this system

Don't forget these systems are compatible with the options in LT as well if you want, like extra money on tailoring to reduce weight. Although you might want adjust the cost of some at higher than LT TL's.
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Default Re: Where to find information on material DR

Originally Posted by Polydamas View Post
Its because armour and metallurgy are technologies, so what you can do depends on the surrounding society. "Bronze" "brass" "iron" and "steel" are shorthand for a world of complexity which actual artisans and factories have to deal with. You could not make a 15th century CE suit of plate armour with 5th century BCE iron and craft skills, you can make much more impressive bronze swords with Early Iron Age Age technology than with Early Bronze Age technology.
True to a degree, however, if magic is an integrated and natural part of a setting, and you have the appropriate purification and shaping spells then that changes your possibilities.

you effectively have to see magic as a form of tech or a way to achieve tech
How then do you determine a magical tech level?

I don't like to see magic in the classic D&D style as a tool exclusively for adventuring or plot, but as a part of the world. it's why I love the fact that there is food magic, and there are noncombat practical spells.

but that means cultures and technological developments take a vastly new or different path,
even if magery is the gate keeper to spells if magic items can be made that can be used by anyone then it will bleed down to every part of every life to some degree. farmers may use animate plows to till fields. heat stones or magically cold boxes may become common place in the kitchen.
essential elements may become trade standard for blacksmiths and other craftsman or artisans.

the carpentry or lumber industries would benefit by having access to plant magics.

that is effectivly TL but not on the usual scale and does not exclude the usual tech development.

for example, how many ways can you magically make a bic lighter?

then you have magical materials like magical hides, or Aetherium these don't always have a TL parallel and to raise the entire world up to its TL equivalent for access to these things would make every fantasy campaign into magical space marines.
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