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Default Re: [DF] Dungeon Fantasy Rework: Fighter, Mage, Thief

Originally Posted by LoneWolf23k View Post
All right, I'm well aware that what I'm talking about here is more "take the Cleric and Druid and turn them into Wizard sub-classes with Magery", but honestly, I think that should be an option, especially in Fantasy games without active gods. Final Fantasy splits it's Mages into Black and White, for example.

Also, I can think of plenty of Rogue Variations; mostly because I'd be basing them from the templates from GURPS Classic: Rogues.

Assassin, Bard, Cat Burgler, Con Man, Fixer, Forger, Gambler, Master Thief, Mobster, Pickpocket, Pirate, Poacher, Smuggler, Spy...

Actually, now that I think about it, I could just try to update those Templates.
If you're familiar with GCA, there are templates for 4e versions of all 3 books.
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Default Re: [DF] Dungeon Fantasy Rework: Fighter, Mage, Thief

One issue I see is that Fighters & Thieves can merge into each other. In some ways with GURPS something like the Hero vs Wizard division from TFT makes more sense in the long run. I suspect the practical difference between Fighter & Thief is that one buys up ST & HT while the other buys up IQ. That said the division could work as a starting point for a low point game when you need to specialize more.

You might take a look at GURPS Action 4: Specialists which has multiple 25 point lenses which could be easily adopted to Dungeon Fantasy. So instead of the single 100 point BAT you could have:

Fighter - high DX, ST, HT, and focus on combat advantages

Rogue - High DX & IQ, a variety of Advantages

Magic User - High IQ, presumably some base Magery & perhaps a set of basic spells.

After that, 25 point lenses for skill sets & power ups. For Magic User lenses, you could include mundane skills with a given set of spells to make wizards more distinctive and discourage the swiss knife style of magic.

Each player would pick a base template and two (for a 150 point game) lenses.
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