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Old 08-27-2017, 09:20 AM   #21
Fred Brackin
Join Date: Aug 2007
Default Re: Starfinder thoughts

I got two favorable responses to posting briefly on this subject in my gaming group. So these might not be my final thoughts on Starfinder.

I finally placed where some of the weird parts of the equipment section are coming from and the answer appears to be computer/console gaming. There are illustrations (possibly chosen at semi-random) for some f the suits of armor (2 pages of them in fact) but they're all "hollow" as if they were waiting to be dropped on to somebody's avatar.

It enlightens other things in the section and it might all resemble the constant "upgrade" dynamic you see in some first-person shooters (although I will admit my knowledge of this phenomenon is largely second-hand).

I'm not terribly happy with my 1st level ship but am more appreciative of the pace at which it could be upgraded. Hope springing at a steady pace is helpful to games.

This game is supposedly descended from Pathfinder but I see a lot of D&D 5e elements. Things like how the spell list contains virtually no buffs any more.

It's a little weird IMHO to mix magic and tech but nerf both sides. you've heard me talk about those laser pistols but the two spellcasting classes in the game would both be following the "second tier" paradigm from Pathfindr i.e. spells only go up to 6th level and knowledge off spells is restricted in a way similar to that of Inquisitors or perhaps Bards.

Eh, I'm dubious but I'm wiling to run through the first Adventure Path before I shoot this sucker like a lame bantha.
Fred Brackin
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