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Default Re: Combat Garage Update

Originally Posted by Magesmiley View Post
The walk around has to be done from a distance of 15', if I recall.
I can still see the underside of a car from 15' away; resolution may not be so good, tho'. (And we all know why it's 15', right? :) )
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Default Re: Combat Garage Update

Underbody DWs may also allow you to drop on the centre line of your vehicle if the 1/3 spaces per facing rule is crimping your style (because of your rear mounted ATG for example).

The walk round doesn't identify specific weapons, only weapon types (e.g "Dropped Solid"). You may incorrectly assume that an MD under is a likely candidate.

The comment "may only be placed on the rear of a vehicle. Any other placement would endanger the user!" is exactly my point about prohibitions versus common sense that may have been over taken by events (i.e. rules changes to equipment in later editions).

If you are not worried about endangering your own vehicle (for whatever reason) then you can mount weapons in these "prohibited" places.

I don't necessarily have an issue with being directly over my own oil. At normal combat speeds, you would have a very narrow margin to generate a hazard on me that would get the oils bonus for. As it is laid after movement, I only have to avoid hazards or manoeuvre's for the next phase.
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