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Default 6 Million Dollar Men

Does anyone have experience running a campaign similar to this idea:
A loose remake of the Six Million Dollar Man, set in the modern day, a group of healthy military volunteers are subjected to a year long process of surgeries and daily injections of nano-machine packages that gradually alter and enhance them. The soldiers (PC’s) are now operatives for a government agency that handles all manner of special situations from augmenting existing troops/federal agents to dealing with international crisis. Their status as bionically enhanced has to remain a closely guarded secret.
Here’s the package of enhancements that I worked up for the game:
Bionics (-10% Super Science) Total: 720
Breath-Holding 2 B41
Damage Resistance 5 Tough Skin B47
Damage Resistance 20 Limited (Crushing) B47
Enhanced Move (Ground: Running) 2 B52
Enhanced Time Sense B52
High Pain Threshold B59
Increased Dexterity 5 B15
Increased Health 10 B14
Increased Strength 40 B14
Infravision B60
Nictitating Membrane 1 B71
Parabolic Hearing 4 B72
Regeneration Regular B80
Resistant Metabolic Hazards B81
Subsonic Hearing 5 B89
Telescopic Vision 4 B92
Temperature Tolerance 4 B93
Unusual Biochemistry B160
Secret (Nano-Bionically Enhanced) Possible Death B152
Maintenance People Required: 1 person, Frequency: Monthly B143
Possible baddies include: high-tech ninjas, villains with TL9 Battlesuits (UT182), rogue US bionically enhanced soldiers unhinged by the process, Russian and/or Chinese bionically enhanced assets…

I’m looking for critiques or suggestions, please.

You reach out to push the orc off the ledge.
[Dice roll. Critical Failure!]
But instead, lightly caress his back.
The orc is uncomfortable.

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