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Default Re: GURPS Kobolds

Originally Posted by David Johansen View Post
Kender are just annoying plain and simple.
Margaret Weis once said to a small group which included me at a con that Tasslehoff, and thus all kender, were based on a small child in an old movie, which I think was Meet Me in St. Louis but I'm not positive, as this was almost 30 years ago. They're certainly not an obvious ethnic stereotype, unlike, say, Tolkien's dwarves. Likewise, I don't see how GURPS Fantasy Folk kobolds were an obvious stereotype, either. At worst, they're akin to house elves in Harry Potter: slaves who generally liked being slaves. Which could be used to justify slavery (the argument was common among slave owners in the American South), but they don't fit with the actual ethnic stereotypes of slaves.
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