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Old 12-13-2012, 01:35 PM   #1
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Default Starting fresh

So I just played my first game last night and I want to start getting a few sets, besides the original what other expansions would you all recommend for starting players.
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Default Re: Starting fresh

Steve66, what seems like a simple question is not. Each set has it's own flavor and twist. However, for a semi newbie, Star, Booty and Zombie Munchkin are pretty straight forward and very fun. The sets also have expansions which add more cards into the mix.

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Default Re: Starting fresh

nothing wrong with starting with the original but yeah if theres any particular genre you like there are plenty of options. Munchkin Fu is a blast and so are Zombies, Cthulhu, Bites, and Apocalypse
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Dr. Mauric
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Default Re: Starting fresh

For starting players, besides the Original, I would recommend The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin. Even if cowboys aren't your thing, this is a great basic game. It only has classes ( i.e. no races' accents etc.) and the only extra rules addition are Steeds and Hirelings.

Conan is another pretty straight forward set.

Super was my second set. It adds Powers, which are a lot of fun.

As the other posters said, go with what you like. These are just what I like :)
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