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Default Re: Heroes vs. Aliens

Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
armor that can handle a significant GTL 10 or so assault rifle with minimal (but consistent) penetration
I don't recall any indication of their armor as doing much against the weapons in Aliens (lack of exit wounds may well be due to the fact the marines were using APHEX), although maybe they were shown to be more bullet-resistant in Resurrection (of course, those are all non-standard xenomorphs IIRC). Certainly they have some degree of natural armor, but I'd put it more in line with Medieval soldiers than futuristic ones; in GURPS, probably DR 4 (in d20, it would depend on their intended Hit Dice and CR, but comparable to the chain shirt - +4 - feels roughly about right).
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Default Re: Heroes vs. Aliens

We see them shrug off multiple hits in Aliens. That's far more than DR4, or its a PD in the 12 to 14 range... high DR fits better with both Covenant and Resurrection; the rounds don't bounce, they just don't do a lot.
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Default Re: Heroes vs. Aliens

Best match on them is probably IT(Homogenous), actually.
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Default Re: Heroes vs. Aliens

I would actually go with DR 4 [20] and Injury Tolerance (/4; Piercing Metal, -60%) [40]. At that point though, they become really problematic for anyone group in mass, especially if they also have Corrosive Attack 1d (Aura, +80%; Blood Agent, -40%; Melee, C, -30%; Symptom, 2/3 HP, Terrible Pain, +180%) [29] (each successful attack against the alien causes a spray of acid that causes agony to those burned).

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