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jason taylor
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Default Re: Curious Local Customs

Here's one

This is for a people in Traveller who are similar to the Principality of Caledonia (so much so that I had to tweak history and say they were in contact in the distant past) but often prefer Italian to Scottish imagery (so that a clan leader is "Chief" generically or Chieftainess if female, but often the formal address is Capo Albergo and the head of state is the Archducca).

Elements of a Fictional Hospitality Code:


The Host has a right to

1. Symbolic Homage from guests (irrespective of outside rank or status)
2. Set rules within his (includinging "or her") own establishment, within reason (obviously cannibalism and so forth is not within reason: that is not what this is meant to imply). A guest upon entry is to be assumed to be contracted to obey the rules of a given establishment.
3. Keep order within his own establishment, including if need be, expelling a disorderly guest by force.
4. Have the person's, property, and honor of himself, his employees, and his guests respected up to and including refraining from mentioning the presence of said or their specific activities outside without the consent of the Host.
4B. Not have an outside issue that brings shame to the establishment brought inside.


1. The guest has a right to know the rules of a specific establishment before entering.
2. Have protection of his person, property and honor. Including his presence as stated above. In such things as a full-scale secret society, political group, dueling club or simply a ceremony-ridden type of fellowship secrecy might be taken very seriously indeed. In a mere pub, less so.
3. Receive the services he is promised from the establishment.

Peripheral are other points. Providing good service is to vague to be itemized. But a reputation for such is highly respected. Feud on whatever level (city clans are less violent about feuding than in rural areas), is suspended for all who enter an establishment as well as between guest and host. Guest and Host are held to retain at least temporarily a debt of honor toward one another.

Trading vessels are under the laws of hospitality provided security for their cargo under the spirit of reciprocity.

Noted guests such as scholars or diplomatically relevant visitors (like a Chief or Chief's relation) are given especial favor.
"The navy could probably win a war without coffee but would prefer not to try"-Samuel Eliot Morrison

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