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Default [Powers] Leech with Preparation Required, or “What counts as ‘one use’?”

If you have Leech with Immediate Preparation Required, would that allow you to, after the Preparation time, continue to Leech the victim until such a time as they can break free (and then, after they've broken free, if you want to Leech more from them you must undergo the Preparation time again)?

If Leech with (Immediate) Preparation Required does not work that way, and you need to undergo the Preparation time for every (levels of Leech) HP drained from the victim, what modifier would it be to make it work that way?

I suppose the fundamental question here is “What counts as ‘one use’ of Leech?”, applicable to Limited Use as well.
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Default Re: [Powers] Leech with Preparation Required, or “What counts as ‘one use’?”

"After they've broken free" would count as involuntary deactivation (see Powers 154), and so require another use to reactivate. That's just another attack, with another Attack Maneuver and roll.

For the success case, I'd cap the max continuous Leech time at one minute, as per the definition of "use" under Limited Use on B112 (with a bit of expansion on Powers 103).
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1 minute of activation, duration is 10 seconds, leech, limited use, preparation required

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