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Default Costs money to recharge

Hello everyone!

So let's assume I have a character who uses disposable gadgets/potions/whatever that s/he can build/brew/craft with reasonably easy to get but costly components, and it's assumed to be a quick process happening off-screen when they have the correct components on hand.

Now, short of actually finding components while on mission, such character would just purchase them off the market/Internet spending his/her gold/cash, tinker a bit, and BAM! Advantage recharged.

What's the discount on such a limitation on advantages?

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Default Re: Costs money to recharge

That's Trigger, p115 of Basic, -10% to -40% depending on details. It's useful for practically any ability that requires expendable materials. There's further detail on p18 of Power-Ups 8: Limitations.
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fast reload, limitations, slow reload, trigger

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