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Default Re: Is levitation speed additive

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
Even when being pulled around dealing with an interface with some surface, the -1 per 2 yards per second above your normal Move seems excessive... it would make water skiing or kids on skateboards 'hitching' rides on bumpers practically impossible in game when they're quite doable in reality.
It may be that the -1 per 2 yards/sec is too steep of a penalty, but I'd say certain items like water skis and rollerblades/skateboards may well grant a level or more of the Perk to increase maximum safe speed, but such levels are probably "gated" by skill level (that is, you get the Perk for "free" at a certain level of Skateboarding skill or whatever).

My post was more a jumping-off point than a solution, really.

Originally Posted by weby View Post
Side wind from an oncoming vehicle. Normal wind variations due to cover that buildings and woods give and so on.
Close to a street I'd imagine you'd get a lot of turbulence from the rising thermals, particularly on a sunny day.
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Default Re: Is levitation speed additive

Originally Posted by vitruvian View Post
All true - but if you're floating in the air behind the car that's towing you, and not turning, I'm not sure what the equivalent to a bump in the pavement is going to be.
The car going over a bump, resulting in the car rocking around on the suspension, resulting in your rope being jerked around. A bigger problem is the turbulence off of the actual car you're being dragged behind, plus every other vehicle around.

Well, that and dodging power lines, stop lights, etc.
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