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Default Car Wars 5E Variant Vehicle Design System

Here is a repeated posting of the URL to the Car Wars Fifth Edition Variant Vehicle Design System posted on this Discussion Forum to make its discussion thread more visible in the Car Wars Older Editions Discussion Forum.

Car Wars Variant VDS
SJ Games Discussion Forums - Car Wars
January 19, 2009

I apologize for posting this hyperlink to the Car Wars Older Editions Sticky on the Car Wars Sixth Edition Discussion Forum in response to another user.
Michael P. Owen
Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
Twitter: Car Combat Central
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Default Re: Car Wars 5E Variant Vehicle Design System

Thanks Owen for bumping this topic. As I noted recently, I think 5e (3 phase movement, and matchbox scale) is good transition game while we wait for 6e.

I tried 3:1 upscale once — but only that once. It was not to my tastes, but I do love all the photo’s that I have seen from other people’s games!

FWIW, I just took an inventory, and I think the old large maps will work fine pretty much as-is for 5e/6e. I will just treat Midville as an asymmetric area, ignoring the small scale debris and other details.

Also, I missed it earlier, but the 5e books are available on E23 as PDFs. So I don’t have to cut up my precious hard copy!
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