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Default Re: Making the perfect minion

Originally Posted by fictionfan View Post
Just for fun I was making a 250 pt mad scientist. I give him most of the basics, but then I thought that ever mad scientist needs their faithful minion.

I was just making it and I thought that the most important attributes of minion are

* expendability "minion dive down that dragons throat and choke it" "wait, there might be traps minion you go first", "we need a decoy....MINION!"
(some level of unkillable)

*lifting capacity
(someone needs to carry all your stuff"

*the last one is a bit more difficult I would like my minion to be able to find stuff for my experiment without problem from the cops like "minion I need a fresh brain"

Any ideas on how to do the last one or other things a minion should have?
Well, depending on the resources of your mad scientist, a few options present themselves. He might use robots. Properly designed and programmed, this takes care of the loyalty issue that arises from expendability, and gives you the lifting capacity. The last one depends on how good an AI the mad scientist can build into the robot.

Alternatively, if you want biological minions, make your scientist also a cult leader. A cult of worshipful followers goes a long way toward taking care of the loyalty vs. expendability factor, esp. if the cult leader/mad scientist is careful not to let the cult as a whole see how often he expends individuals (though if he's charismatic enough and a good enough con man, evne that might be a manageable problem).

Mind control could also be used instead of, or along with, the cultist approach.

Note too that if the cult included a few 'connected' people, that could cover some of the police problem when a minion inevitably gets caught doing something s/he shouldn't be doing.

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Default Re: Making the perfect minion

I wrote it up if anyone is interested, he turned out surprising competent.

Minion (real name kenny)
ST 7 [-30]
Lifting ST Lv43 [129]
(basic lift 500)
Absolute direction [5]
Absolute timing [2]
common sense [10]
very fit [15]
high pain threshold [10]
payload [5] (wanted to take advantage of his basic lift)
recovery [10] "minion what are you doing laying about"
modular Abilities 24[240]

Disadvantages [-31]
Dwarfism [-15]
Hideous [-16]

Skills [8]
scrounging 12 [4]
current affairs (science and technology) 12 [4]

BASIC ATTRIBUTES [-30]+ADVANTAGES [426]+Disadvantages [-31]+Skills [8]=373

note: I thought it would be easier to just give him modular Abilities than to give him a bunch of different talents.

The mad scientist has Allay(150% point total,minion, summonable, almost all the time) [75]

I was figuring that even tho he is always being sacrificed he always somehow gets out of it off screen.

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