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Default [Ritual Path Magic] Magical Signatures

okay, work with me here;

Ars Magica calls it a "casting sigil". Mage the Awakening calls it a "nimbus". Either way, if a Mage casted a spell noticeably, they would give off some sort of special effect surrounding the magician or the spell that would vaguely express their inner nature. I call it the Magical Signature.

In Ritual Path Magic, if the caster rolls quirks when gathering mana for a ritual, his magical signature may make itself apparent. IIT, we suggest ideas for magical signatures. (If you wanna associate a given signature with a specific Path, the brackets in front of an idea will suggest one or more to you.)

I guess the Character Quirk Spell Signature (Power-Ups 6: Quirks page 34) could also use these ideas, too...

(Matter) The sound of coins jingling, as if carried in a loose purse while walking, is heard around the caster as the spell is cast.

(Crossroads) As the spell is cast, someone looking at the caster or target will receive a quick vision of another timeline or plane of existence.

(Spirit, Mind) Those nearby the target of the spell will suddenly feel frightened of something unknown, as if the thought of being confronted with an entity they could not hope to understand just popped right into their head unbidden.

(Chance) The target of the spell will say, think of, or display the number 7 or 13 involuntarily.

(Undead) People looking at the caster as the ritual goes off have a vision of The Grim Reaper standing behind her and silently glaring at them.

(Crossroads, Mind) Lines around the target briefly appear twisted and broken to the naked eye.

(Mind, Magic) The caster starts cackling involuntarily when they cast the spell (see the lasting quirk guidelines for how long).

(Magic, Energy) Everyone near the caster and the target feel a cold wind pick up and blow for a moment.

(Mind) The sight of the target induces a moment of vertigo as the spell is cast.

(Matter, Body) The target of the spell will appear to onlookers as somehow more "real" and "solid" than anything else as the spell is cast.

(Energy) The display screens of nearby computers, televisions and other electronic devices glitch into static as the spell is cast.

(Matter, Body) Everyone near the caster tastes something metallic without apparent cause as the spell is cast.

(Mind, Crossroads) Those looking at the caster as the spell is cast have their vision turn sepia briefly.

(Spirit) Nearby paper gets words written, in the caster's handwriting, onto it without any apparent cause.

(Energy) The caster smells of ozone as the spell is cast.

(Body, Spirit) All near the target inexplicably feels tinkles of pleasure mixed with regret.

(Undead, Energy) The shadows around the target seem somewhat deeper and darker as the spell is cast.

Over to you guys!
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