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Default Re: Alternative attributes, Supers and other stuff

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
Even at 10 points for strenght, super-strength enhancement makes strenght much better than innate attack at high point totals.

I think the main consideration here is if you want linear or exponential scaling of damage and defenses with cp spent. If you go for linear, remove super-strength, remove IT(DR), and probably lower the cost of ST.
Yes that's very accurate.
I think strength cost 5 works realy well, its still slower than innate attack but with the bonuses and powerblow it evens out.
The weird thing about it is that now hp and lifting strength are cheaper which I don't remember being an issue.
I also think IT(dr) is fine in a linear scaling game if you allow it up to 4.

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
If you go for exponential, mabye add a limitation to ST, can't use super-strength -50%, to make it less expensive for people who don't take advantage of super-strength.
So basically strength costs 5 per level unless you take super strength. I wonder if you want non linear scalling could you go with super strength, strength cost at 5 and the +400% super enhancement for innate attacks or will things go extremely out of wack?

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
I'm not sure of power talents need any limits. For goodlike extra effort I would probably just not use it at all (and perhaps limit normal extra effort for powers as well). It makes having more FP and faster FP recovery extremely powerful, and you could get stronger abilities which only be used some of the time in other ways as well (limited use, cost FP etc.).
I think that's part of the reason why alternate attributes advises increasing FP cost in super games.
What about this max power talent 4 and you can spent up to power talent level extra effort. So if someone want to go all out with 20will he can take -8 for +45% increase, *4 for fp, +180% increase ends up with 2,8 times the damage, which isn't that crazy.
For faster fp recovery honestly its very rare to see published abilities that increase your fp recovery, you can always not allow such abilities.
All that said it propably also works allowing very high power talent and no godlike extra effort. I guess my main problem with very high power talent is it makes psionic techniques very easy it use, not to mention imbuements and stuff like that. Ofcourse they is no need to use psionics with skills/techniques and no need to allow imbuements.

Originally Posted by Andreas View Post
Other than the obvious alternative of just giving more than 3 cp, there is also the option of letting improvements mainly come from in-game reasons. For example if you attach a cybernetic arm, then your point total just increases, and if you switch minds with a wealthy person, then you have access to all that wealth (at least as long as it isn't discovered).
I guess that's the best way. The problem I found with granting many cp's is that you can end up with a story that breaks down as the players start overwhelming it. So its better to award lots of cp, if you are going that route, at the end of a story/adventure.
I am considering awarding cp in the end of a story arc, instead of the session as suggested in a pyramid issue, equal to the progression of 3,5,7,10,15,20,30,50,70,100 etc plus all the cp players would have gotten normally at every session, that way at least later in the campaign when the power level jumps I will be able to create a story fitting to the pc's.

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
Powerblow is addressed in the KYOS article, it just adds ST rather than multiplying it.
Originally Posted by Anders View Post
To simulate "double ST with Powerblow", you quadruple Basic Lift, so that's +6 ST. "Triple ST" is +10.

I do agree that around ST 40 or so damage starts to get too low for believability. On the other hand, people in superhero comics survive blows from guys who can lift mountains, so it kind of fits the genre. You may want to triple or quadruple damage to inanimate objects to provide satisfying destruction of the environment.
The problem for KyoS is a part of is linear the other is logarithmic. I guess you can use power blow that way but again you will end up with insane lifting and very little actual damage, which may fit some super hero comics, but isn't really what I am aiming towards.
If I use KyoS I would simply allow allow striking strength to reach the equivalent of the lifting. So for 40 KyoS I would allow around 100 levels of extra striking strength. This because I want to make the damage-lifting connection kinda realistic. That said I do remember an article from gaming balistic blog that says realistically strength should do half damage, so maybe 30 levels of striking strength in that case.
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