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Default Re: Do the Archery rules cover this?

Originally Posted by Jürgen Hubert View Post
Indeed. I stumbled across this video on RPGNet, where the original poster claimed that no RPG system covered this technique. To my chagrin, I discovered he was right about GURPS.

I am also interested in the alleged historical uses of this technique.
Have a look at G.T. Dennis' translation of the Strategikon attributed to Emperor Maurice, anything by David Niccole, or the book Arab Archery and A 14th-Century Archery Treatise in Mamluk-Kipchak: Kitab fi ‘Ilm an-Nushshab.

Because it is just a video meant to attract attention, I am not treating it as harshly as I would someone who made claims in writing and insisted that they were scientific or historical fact. I am actually impressed that you can do this in GURPS!

I think that our source for rapid shooting is a test for Mamelukes which required them to shoot three arrows at 70 m range so that the third was in the air before the first hit the target. Given range and velocity one can estimate time. But I doubt that they let Mamelukes cheat with light bows and very short draws.
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