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Default Re: Melee and Wizard "Challenges"

Originally Posted by Kirk View Post
If I understand you guys correctly, this approach (different "worlds"), yet targeting TFT without stepping on copyright toes, is what Dark City Games has done in a fashion.

Legends, Untamed West, and Time and Space...

We also made boards that were somewhat specific to the adventure, as well, with overlayed configurations to model various situations in the adventure, along with lettered markers to facilitate character set up. George still continues with this approach, as far as I know.
One of the concepts here is that the terrain does not have to be familiar to either of the two factions. Aliens v Cavemen could take place in a natural underground terrain, while Cowboys v Aztects might be on a spece station (or high tech research facility), and Mongoils v Maori is in the southwest desert complete with scorpion, jumping cactus, and rattlesnake hazards. Given 2-3 scenariors for victory conditions.

The world of Cidri is huge and has transplants from all across time and space, so there could be nearly any conceivable terrain/combat map possible and with no two 'microgames' having the same factions or map. And the factions , and maps, can range from neolithic through fantasy to super-tech; realistic/historic to completely fictional.

Rules specific to the terrain and weather conditions could also be concluded.
Example 1: The mists on the Deep Jungle map give a -2 on all ranged (missile and throw) attacks and reduces laser/plasma weapon damage by 1d.
Example 2: The Windy cave is so windy that thrown weapons, bows, and crossbows are useless and firearms are -2 to hit.
So you've got the tiger by the tail. Now what?
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