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Default Re: Disads: the Second Best CP Deal in GURPS

Yes, I think there are two broad categories of how disadvantages fit into the player's idea of the character.

One is "this is a problem, I'm going to fight against it, and I'll buy it off when I can".

The other is "this is so much part of my way of thinking that I don't even perceive it as a problem".

I've voluntarily added Overconfidence to a character who didn't start play with it, but was consistently behaving that way so it might as well go down on the sheet. (No, I didn't get to spend the points elsewhere.)
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Default Re: Disads: the Second Best CP Deal in GURPS

Originally Posted by DouglasCole View Post
Eh, yes and no. I misunderstood the purpose of the intro sessions we were playing, and thought that during the adventure, we'd be developing reasons for our future selves to want to care about Cthulhoid things. The GM, I think, had in mind that this was our first opportunity to indulge in our already established tendency to delve into such things.

From his point of view, I was even worse than Leroy Jenkins. I was actively crapping on his adventure by (as mentioned above) "Blocking," and refusing to engage.

That Guy. You know, the one who says "Hey, I know I'm being a dork to the noble, or talking over the quiet shy player, or stabbing my buddies. But I'm Just Playing My Character!"

That was me that game. GMs can and should boot such folks. Granted, he booted me before I had a chance to change my behavior, but he wasn't wrong.

I was being That Guy. (I just didn't know it.)

Nah, the GM was being 'that GM'. Communication of what the sessions were for is on him not you.

His actions made you look like 'That Guy', not yours.
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