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Default Re: Fresh GM questions (sorcery)

Originally Posted by Locke_5 View Post
Where I really hit the problem was in trying to make buff spells. I can't figure out if a buff spell would be an affliction based power or just built up as the power itself with the sorcery limitation slapped on it.
Are you buffing yourself, or someone else? If it's someone else (or really, the choice of someone else), it's an Affliction.

Originally Posted by Locke_5 View Post
Exactly how long would the spell last? Maintaining a spell can be done at 1 FP per minute if the spell is indefinite or a spell can have a fixed duration and be a fire and forget spell. What decides the fixed duration? From what I can tell it seems to be a base of 3 minutes modified to different times but why is that mechanically?
The base is one minute. For afflictions, it is one minute per margin of success from the sorcerer's Quick Contest. This is usually changed with Fixed Duration, which makes it 3 x the base period (1 minute). Then Reduced and Extended Duration changes it from there.

See my AD&D-based spells here (note the list of posts with more spells at the bottom):

Feel free to ask questions about any of them in the post comments.
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Default Re: Fresh GM questions (sorcery)

Originally Posted by A Ladder View Post
Sorry MrTim, you're incorrect in this situation. See Sorcery page 9 "All Buff-granted advantages should have the Magical limitation (p. 13), to reflect that they stop working in no-mana areas and can be dispelled. This isn’t “double-dipping” – the Affliction itself is magical and it grants a magical advantage."
D'oh! I both missed that in my read-through of Sorcery and didn't quite twig to the distinction between the Advantage granted by the Affliction and the Affliction itself.
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Default Re: Fresh GM questions (sorcery)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
You want a rather unpredictable insubstantial coupled with invisibility. that's what the spell actually does.
I agree with the unreliable Insubstantial. But I think that the Invisibility is intermittent enough to do anything and should be treated as a special effect.
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