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Old 04-19-2018, 11:08 AM   #791
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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
Yes, it is, but not in the same ways D&D is.

A D&D first level dungeon works just fine, monster for monster, as a TFT dungeon. Higher level adventures (5+) tend to have monsters that don't have direct equivalents.

Several other games don't fare so well. A similar use in WFRP produces a totally deadly campaign game. In Rolemaster, it's often easier than in D&D. (Low level competency is higher in RM than D&D.) In the Arcanum or in Palladium, the similar monsters have dissimilar competency levels...

Tunnels & Trolls has the closest comparability - similarly low & fixed HP, similarly attribute growth driven experience system, and it's a fine dungeon crawler...
You make a good point. TFT dungeon adventures are viable as long as the GM selects monsters that are appropriate for TFT characters.* Some monsters that might be fairly easy for an experienced D&D group might be very lethal for an experienced TFT group. Giant snapping turtles for instance (ST 36, DX 12, 3+3 dmg, -4 hits). So D&D medium-high level D&D adventures may not map well to TFT.

*Assuming elimination of the "dead at ST 0" rule and the addition of healing spells (or making Physicker/Master Physicker easier to get).
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Dave Crowell
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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

The base Melee and Wizard games also fit a different niche to Dungeon Fantasy and D&D, that of skirmish style game, suitable for arena combat or play in other settings without the commitment of an RPG.

Games such as Ganesha Games' Song of Blade and Heroes series are popular with miniatures gamers for small actions. TFT provides a more detailed but still fast running system eminently suitible for this style of play. Current editions of D&D have too involved a character generation process to make them appealing for one off skirmish games.

Offering a quick, light, but involving skirmish battle system that will handle both hand to hand and magic is an underserved market niche at the moment. Especially at a game scale that takes the actions of single figures tactically interesting, most skirmish games tend to be at the small warband scale.
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Old 04-19-2018, 04:47 PM   #793
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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

All of that may well be true, but I would hate to see ITL relegated to some kind of "skirmish" or "arena" game, and I think we do a disservice to the community by doing so.

TFT gave AD&D a serious run for it's money back in the day, and given that pretty much every RPG on the market today is enormously complex (even the so-called "retro-clones" are made more complex than the games they were supposed to get you back to), I suspect that TFT's RPG niche (simple, fast, fun, yet capable of delivering a true RPG experience despite those first three descriptors) is the one that's truly underserved at this point...
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Dave Crowell
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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

Don't get me wrong. I think that the the full system with ITL and Advanced Melee and Wizard makes for a great rules light RPG, and I hope it is a success in today's market and gets full support.

I would go so far as to say that a re-editing to bring the whole of TFT into a unified version rather than splitting it across five parts would be a good thing.

Just thinking of Melee and Wizard as standalone games in their own right as the plan is to release them as individual boxed games first.

I want more RPGs that support tactical combat play, but don't overwhelm me with piles of extraneous detail and mechanical widgets.
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