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Default Spies in Heaven

Fulfilling your destiny grants a mortal a one way ticket to Heaven - but it's canon that this is no assurance of being a decent person. And the mortal can live for decades after fulfilling their destiny - on Earth, accessible to demons.

Sure, the demons could seek to destroy the proto-Blessed, but recruitment has far more potential. What sort of tasks could these 5th columnists achieve?

Yves Library is a spy's dream, and the obvious place to start activities. Even innocuous information can be used by Hell; reading up on targeted humans and providing Hell with that info a comparatively safe task. The Celestial Song of Tongues allows easy transmission of info both ways; Limbo easy transmission out of Heaven.

Recruitment: particularly of patsies. While recruiting active agents will be difficult and dangerous, a simpler task is to teach other Blessed how to send essence to Limbo. Mention that an angel on earth taught you how, and provide the name of a Free Lilim: suggest that the Blessed use it when full up before dawn. Even if 99% of the essence is wasted, with hundreds of thousands of Blessed, this could tip the balance in the War! 'Suggest' that the message provide useful info on Heaven to keep the angel 'up to date'.

Particularly dumb angels could be recruited by 'suggesting' that they could get a Vessel from Lilith and use it to smite demons - the Corporeal and Ethereal Songs of Projection would allow a meet up, and the human can have those Songs.
The Celestial Song of Sleep can be used on Traumatized angels. While not normally useful to hell, this seemingly benign action can be very useful when an angel is on the brink of Tripping; help the angel get back to Earth where they can Trip and possibly Fall.
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