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Peter V. Dell'Orto
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Default Re: 4 swings?

Originally Posted by jtsmith1287 View Post
Ok wait ... so say we've got a dual wielder with ambidexterity. We could do an all out attack (double) and get a full attack with main and offhand, and then with extra attack a third full attack? Would that be correct? No rapid strikes or anything like that.
By "full attack" do you "with no penalty"? Because you'd need to buy off the penalty for a Dual-Weapon Attack to do that. Ambidexterity would only get rid of the -4 for the off-hand, not the -4 to each attack for doing two at the same time (aka, DWA).

If you have Ambidexterity, two weapons, and want three attacks, you can do it with All-Out Attack (Double), but you'll attack at -4/-4 (the Dual-Weapon Attack, so that's -4 on one hand and -4 on the other) and once at -0 with either of them (or some other strike if you choose). Someone who bought off the DWA penalty with the Dual-Weapon Attack technique could potentially attack 3 times at -0/-0 and -0, using one weapon twice during an All-Out Attack.
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