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Default Re: Alien Race that communicates via pheromones - how to stat it?

Originally Posted by Bruno View Post
The whole thing about humans have an abysmal sense of smell comes from a rather incoherent chain of "reasoning from random factoids" that got entrenched as "fact" before science really started looking at this seriously.
The initial claim was that we must not be controlled by smell, as only a small percentage of our brains are dedicated to smell. That was a pretty legitimate idea.
Then the game of scientific "Telephone" began, and the next claim was that because a low percentage of our brain is dedicated to smell, we must be bad at it. No particular research backing this up, it was just stated. This was broadly accepted, probably in part because humans live with dogs, who are smelling rockstars.
Then the genetic assay was done and seen to confirm this "fact", and then nobody bothered to do any more research until recently because clearly this was a "done" field.
You don't have to convince me of human potential with regards to olfaction for some and/or those "trained" to focus on complex signals like those mentioned.
I still say that our "volume" just isn't up to par compared to most mammals for most scents.
Beware, poor communication skills. No offense intended. If offended, it just means that I failed my writing skill check.
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