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Default Re: [UT] Help! Future Combat Revolving Around Ultra-Tech Stabbery

Originally Posted by Fred Brackin View Post
Compare the UT weapns on p.134 and 140. The only advantage the TL9 vortex pistol over the TL9 15mm Paintball gun has is ACC 2 instead of ACC 1. Range and ROF are distinctly inferior.
Paintball guns fire balls carrying liquid ammunition, while vortexes can fire gas. Also, vortexes can shoot behind multiple corners using their ricocheting projectiles. In close quarters, both seem to be useful features.
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Default Re: [UT] Help! Future Combat Revolving Around Ultra-Tech Stabbery

Originally Posted by Seneschal View Post
Two spheres bent in separate directions counteract. Once two shielded individuals come within 1 m of each other, the space between them where the spheres overlap (i.e. the hex-face between their tokens) is barrier-free - they can bonk each other with sticks or fast-draw and fire from the hip. Barrier generators cannot be installed into bullets smaller than 25mm.[/LIST]How does that seem? See any exploits?
The XM25 (And similar, more futuristic systems) suddenly becomes very popular... :>
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