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Default Re: [Banestorm] The Ministry of Serendipity

Sorry to bring this post from the dead but for continuity, I decide to recycle this thread.

I've made the Ministry of Serendipity with the help of Boardromm and Curia. To follow-up on what we have already discuss. Feel free to give your impression:

Ministry of Serendipity

Mission Statement: Defending the Empire against threats from beyond Ytarria; dealing with people, items, and idea brought in the world by the Banestorm. (See Banestorm p. 88)

TL: 4
Members: 10 000
Wealth: Average
Contacts: Current Affaire (Science and Technology) (E) IQ+1 [2]; Hidden Lore (Earth) (A) IQ-1 [1], Detect Lies (H) Per-2 [1]; Interrogation (A) IQ-1 [1], Engineer (H) IQ-2 [1]
Members Traits: Legal Enforcement Powers [15]; Legal Immunity [20]; Security Clearance [15]; Ministry Network* [9]; High Technology [5]; Secret (Serendipity agent) [-10]; Duty [-10]
Notable Resources: Since it is a department of the imperial court, the chancellor administers the three captains of the offices directly from the court of Megalos.
Reaction-Time Modifier: +5

Costs and Values
Startup Cost: 10M
Patron Value: 15 points
Resource Value: 50K
Enemy value: -30
Ally and Dependent Value: Most Agents are 50cp-lense. The Ministry can provide the support of a full 300cp hero if needed (like Assassin or Warrior-Tracker).

Social Attributes
Type: Secret
CR: 4
Loyalty: Neutral (12; +2)
Rank: Ministry Rank 0-6 [5/level].
Income Range: 700$ (Average) à 1400$ (Confortable)
Reputation: For those who know the Ministry, +2 (by fear of them). The Underground Engineer or other rival organizations, -2.

The Ministry possess a cell of each Office in each Large city of Megalos. Each city has about 300 agents, manage by a Senior Agents (Rank 4). Each report to one of the three Captains who manage the Offices (Rank 5). The Chancellor of Serendipity (Rank 6) is at Megalan Court and governs the Ministry.

Each Degree from Serendipity Mage grant 1 rank. Similar ranking exists for non-mana users.

Full Agents (see Ministry’s Agent lense) are considered Rank 0-1.
Ministry’s Spy are considered Rank 1-2.

Tracker and Cleaner have rank equal to their degree.

Ministry’s Assassin and Warrior-Tracker are considered Rank 2-3
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jason taylor
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Default Re: [Banestorm] The Ministry of Serendipity

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
I haven't read it in a while, so correct me if I'm wrong here, but aren't these guys kind of serious about the whole Luddite thing?
They are serious for other people. Who says they are serious for themselves?

In any case some justification can be made for doing a study of Earth. Maybe they want to do some sort of magical dam of the Banestorm that needs to find where the leak from the other side is.
"The navy could probably win a war without coffee but would prefer not to try"-Samuel Eliot Morrison
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