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Default Re: TFT Helper - beta test of app

Abrupt end to encounter

I'm not sure if maybe the figures separated too far or what, so I'll just give a transcript of events.

It's Bass vs Scruffy Wizard.
Turn 1. Separation 10 yards.
Movement: Scruffy holds; Bass moves 5 yards
Action: Scruffy muffs spell; Bass does nothing
Turn 2. Separation 5 yards
Movement: Bass holds; Scruffy holds
Action: Scruffy cast Dazzle; Bass does nothing
Turn 3. Separation 5 yards
Movement: Bass moves 4 yards toward the enemy; Scruffy is now engaged
Action: Scruffy casts a spell. "You are hit with a blow out of nowhere!" 4 pts damage -1 for cloth = 3 hits on Bass; Bass disengages -- possible bug --is it legal to move 4 hexes then disengage?
Turn 4. Separation 2 yards
Movement: "Scruffy is hurting and runs. is engaged" -- something odd in this text; Bass moves 10 yards away from the enemy
Action: Scruffy casts a spell. "You are hit with a blow out of nowhere!" 3 pts damage -1 for cloth = 2 hits on Bass; Bass does nothing

Problem: Then there is no option to further the encounter, no "initiative" box or anything.

If I go back to the main menu, "go on an adventure", select Bass, and then "continue", it is just the same, ie no option to further the encounter.
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