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Default Ordinary Cat

Ordinary Cat
Not everyone on this board has GURPS basic, and DF is a bit different anyway. Not a threat to most delvers, cats are still common pets/familiars, set dressing, and bases for weird hybrids etc. Here's some stats:
ST: 4
DX: 14
IQ: 4
HT: 10
HP: 4
Will: 11
Per: 12
FP: 10
Speed: 6
Move: 10
SM: -3
Dodge: 10

DR: 0
Bite (16): 1d-5 Cutting. Reach C.
Claw (16): 1d-5 Cutting. Reach C.
Go for the Eyes! (11): 1d-5 Cutting. Reach C. (Attacking the face. May cause a knockdown roll. On a crit success this forces a crippling roll for one eye.)

Traits: Catfall, Combat Reflexes, Higher Purpose 3 (Slay Wizards), Magic Resistance 6, Night Vision 5, Quadruped, Sharp Claws, Sharp Teeth, Wild Animal

Skills: Brawling-16; Climbing-14; Jumping-14; Stealth-16.

Class: Animal.

Notes: Larger specimens with ST 5 (1d-4 damage) are not uncommon, nor are seasoned alley warrior-cats with greater skill. Other than that, it's a cat. It does cat things.
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