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Default Re: Options for GURPS Banestorm - 11 years later

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
If your General Prayers always result in "miracles" that aren't any better than coincidence you paid too much for the ability.

Obviously there's a middle ground, but if general miracle workers were a thing on Yrth, wouldn't someone have noticed already?

This is a setting that charges an Unusual Background premium for high levels of Magery.

No one is saying that they don't result in anything better than coincidence. Again, this is a setting with routinely available magic (and "mere" Magery 3 can accomplish many things that would be called miracles in a non-magical setting- up through raising the dead and so on).

It is to be presumed that, if Divine Favor is allowed, then people have noticed it already, but it simply wasn't mentioned in GURPS:Banestorm. Again, canonically per GURPS:Banestorm, the power of faith can allow certain people to teleport. I doubt that limited access to more versatile but less reliable miracles would change the tone of the setting too much.

[For that matter, in the historical middle ages of Earth rather than Yrth, there were widespread and widely believed reports of holy men who could sometimes request a wide variety of miracle. These reports were inaccurate, of course, but people believing such things to be possible seems highly likely on relatively-untouched-by-the-precepts-of-the-enlightenment modern Yrth, whether or not Divine Favor is actually available.]
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