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Rocket Man
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Default Re: Recources for the Age of Sail?

Originally Posted by Gezahs View Post
I am looking for a detailed map of the 15th century carribbean on the internet but cannot find an adequate one. Either the quality lacks or the time period is different.

I know that carthography was not ease those times. It does not has to be a "real" one but one which is fancy to use for an RPG.

- Do you know good archives for maps?

- Is there any easy and free online tool on the internet, which allows to create maps from geological data?

- Which one do you use?
Oooh. Considering that Columbus's entry comes right at the end of the 15th century, you may have to rely on early 16th. There's not likely to be detailed anything from the period, if only because it was still being mapped out.

(That said, I would love to be proved wrong!)
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Default Re: Recources for the Age of Sail?

Over the course of the last year or two I've done a fair amount of research into Age of Sail rpgs. If you can find a copy, I highly recommend Run Out the Guns by ICE. In my opinion, it has set the benchmark for pirate rpgs.
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