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Default Re: Project Jade Serenity [Supers/Technothriller]

Originally Posted by corwyn View Post
Non ironically? I don't think so. The last time I heard it was Stuart Smalley on an old SNL rerun.
Originally Posted by evileeyore View Post
I've heard it, but generally only from older people (like 70's+).
I was going for eye-rollingly old-fashioned, but trying to avoid cartoonish caricature. The problem is I don't know anyone in real-life who'd use Bowdlerised swear words* and thus nothing occured to me as I was playing in real time other than actual profanity or bad phony Alabama accent Nick Cage.

I could really use suggestions for Alabama-appropriate versatile words to serve the purpose of profanity in speech (covering hesitation, conveying emotion or emphasis, etc.). How does anyone manage to speak normally without such a useful crutch?

*My grandmother may use fewer curse words than my mother (who is hardly a prolific profanity-maker), but that's a function of being older, more collected and better at emphasising her speech without crutch-syllables. I can't imagine her actually angrily exclaiming a cutesy euphemism.
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