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Default [HT] Rugged Radios and Rugged Radio Accessories

Quick Question: Unless explicitly stated as being fragile (like TL6 radios), should I assume that the radio options presented on HT37 and HT38 to be Rugged, as presented on HT10? Some explicitly state they're "like military", which leads me to wonder if it is a built in feature or not - you'd think the military would want it Rugged, but it could be that I need to add that option on separately.

Also, are any of the radio options assumed to have Radio Accessories as given on HT39, or are those also add-on features? I.E. does my TL7 Medium Radio come with a handset or not?


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Default Re: [HT] Rugged Radios and Rugged Radio Accessories

My gut says they're not rugged in the sense the Rugged modifier suggests. Treat them more like how High-Tech handles military grade guns(pg.80), 11HT and maybe DR2.
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