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Default Re: [Psionics] Pulp Psi-Phi


These lists cover items that I intend to be available at the start of the game, if I run it. Other GMs may have different lists. Psionic technologies not listed are either not invented yet, or are secret; only the GM knows which.


Psi Amplifier Helmets (Psi-Tech p12) exist, but known examples provide only +2 or +3 to a single talent; in addition, fairly few are not dedicated to a single ability. They often require psychotronic batteries (see below). A few Psi Amplifier Thrones exist, granting +6 to a single power, or +8 to one or two abilities. Even fewer are able to boost multiple powers, but generally add +4 or +5 to each.

Psychotronic Generators (p13) are possibly the most common form of psi-tech, even if 'form' is not the best term for something so variable in design (anywhere from 'helmet with Jacob's Ladder, and wires connecting it to a backpack full of vacuum tubes' to 'fancy wand or staff' to 'ordinary-looking item that does something extraordinary;' see also some specific examples from the text-box on p14, though the Psiberdeck would not exist, and the Psycho-Surgery would need a more era-appropriate user interface). Most psychotronic generators are fetishes made by mystics using Astral Binding, and look and act like magic items, sometimes with apparent personalities of their own (which means they may be bought as an Ally, rather than as equipment or a Gadget). Psychographs may also be made by mystics, just as some scientifically-oriented psychics have made fetish-based psionic devices. In general, specific powers are about as common as seen in the list in On Talents, above. Many require psychotronic batteries (see below).

Psychotronic Batteries (p14) exist, but take in energy more slowly, requiring around half an hour to take in one FP; rather than preventing the target from regaining Fatigue, they double the time required. Most are dedicated, and storage capacity is variable (use characteristics other than price from the Batteries and Power Cells Table, p8, and see the Psychotronic Battery Table, below). It is not unusual for a device to require psychotronic batteries, with or without also needing electricity. Devices created by mystics are normally powered either internally, or by the user.

Psychotronic Battery Table

T 1FP $10 (rare)
XS 2FP $20
S 5FP $50
M 10FP $200
L 20FP $500 (rare)
VL 50FP $1,000 (rare)

Note that these are averages, not standardizations.
Note also that FP use by equipment may be fractional.
Electro-Psionic Neutralizers (p16) have a bulkier and heavier control panel (around two feet by one foot by one and a half feet, and about 30 lbs.) and require external power.

Overload-Field Generators & Psi Impeders (p17) are rumoured to exist. Any further detail is up to the GM.

Astral Barrier-Field Generators (p18) are believed to exist - or at least, the mirror-surfaced bubbles that have started appearing around various locations since mid-1929 are believed to be artificial.

Astral Duplicators (p18) are somewhat available, though most are mystical items incorporating mirrors - a mirror must be able to reflect the whole object or creature at close range, to create a duplicate.

P-Web Shields (p20) are one of the few examples of commercial psi-tech, though this is mainly due to the mistaken belief that they can provide any protection at all against Telepathy, which is very rarely the case. (The normal version disrupts the Confuse ability, and possibly other Ergokinetic attacks that the GM decides use a sufficiently similar vector, because of its structure, and requires little or no attunement. P-Webs that shield againse Telepathy must be attuned, or have a bound spirit, in order to provide this defence. Some individual Telepaths are unable to work through P-Webs, because they believe that they cannot; this is a -5% limitation on (normally all of) their telepathic abilities.)

Psi Scanners (p22) tend to resemble crystal-radio sets with a few dials on one side, and various rheostats and buttons or switches. Earlier models will generally be bigger.

Karmic Collectors (p23) may exist, but are so far only rumours.

Aura Enhancers & Biointensifiers (p23) work pretty much as seen in the book, though the latter are somewhat rare. All known biointensifiers require psychotronic batteries.

Psychospectral Cameras (p24, under Psychospectral Imaging System) are found at some universities and occasionally in private hands, but are film cameras (still or movie, usually still), not video. They tend to weigh about 15% more than a normal camera of the same type.

Thanatos-Field Generators (p25) appear in rumour and urban legend.

Fear Extractors (p26) have been used by a number of villains over the past few years. The devices keep getting destroyed, but someone always makes another (depending on the GM, this may be a single mad scientist, in which case they may be fairly standardized). Power is provided by a medium psychotronic battery.

Mind Disruptors (p27) tend to be bulky, fragile, and unreliable. The smallest known Mind Disruptor weapon is a dazer in the form of an awkward pistol weighing around 3 lbs (and having a Bulk of -3), and being about as effective (including number of shots) as a Holdout Mind Disruptor from Psi-Tech. Likewise, MD Rifles tend to be as effective as the book's MD Pistols, Heavy MDs as book MD Rifiles, and Tactical MDs, if available at all, as Heavy MDs from the book; likewise, add -1 to Bulk for all but the highest-quality units. The smallest Neutralizer Rays and Death Rays are rifle-sized (Bulk of -4). Most versions require psychotronic batteries, though some can be powered by the user, at approximately 2 FP per shot.

Mind-Transfer Machines (p27) are always rumoured, but there is no proof that they exist, as yet.

Mindscanners (p28) are readily available. Triple the weight of the Handheld Mindscanner, and add about 5-10 lbs to the Large Mindscanner. Like Psi Scanners, above, they resemble crystal sets (or tabletop vacuum-tube radioes, in the case of Large Mindscanners).

Psi Bombs (p28) can be found in hand grenade size and larger. They are somewhat unstable - two or more points of direct psi-based damage can set one off on a roll of 16 or greater.

Telepathic Switches (p30) have occasionally been built, although Secure Teleswitches are only theoretical... probably. Putting enough Basic Teleswitches together leads to a crude Telepathic Control Panel.

Necrophones (GURPS Horror p48) have been available from the Edison Company since 1930, as mentioned in the timeline. They aren't quite mass-produced, of course, and cost $2,100 per unit.

Electric Pentacles (Horror p48), inspired by those described in William Hope Hodgson's Thomas Carnacki stories, are available from several sources. The most reliable are made by Morgan-Tesla Ltd.
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