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Default March 11, 2019: Looking For Solo Adventure?

March 11, 2019: Looking For Solo Adventure?

Read this article on the Illuminator.
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Tom H.
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Default Re: March 11, 2019: Looking For Solo Adventure?

Regarding experiences with solo games:

I know it's old and cliche, but surprisingly, just a few days ago, I was re-reading the rules to my copy of Avalon Hill/Victory Games Ambush! from 1983.

Ambush! was a noteworthy game of WWII squad tactics that pioneered some innovations in running a solitaire board game using hex references and paragraph lookups just at the time when personal computers were starting to become an alternative.

Ironically, I prefer playing Ambush! cooperatively with a friend.

While I like the system, I've become more aware of a thematic flaw. There are no provisions for opportunity fire. This actually becomes a loophole or exploit that allows your balanced U.S. squad of eight to overcome superior German numbers.

The player is usually able to plan maneuvers so that he is able to cross exposed terrain between better starting and ending cover terrain before his characters can be fired on in the more vulnerable positions by the enemy (without op. fire).

While these situations can arise in the fog of combat, Ambush! allows you to exploit them too much.

I believe the two player version of the game named Shell Shock did address opportunity fire, but I never really got into playing my copy because there were so many additional rules for two players to simulate hidden positions.

Despite these flaws, I may soon play another game of Ambush! using the Purple Heart expansion.
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Default Re: March 11, 2019: Looking For Solo Adventure?

A great solo game I recently acquired is Black Sonata, by Side Room Games. The premise is that you're trying to find clues to Shakespeare's famous "Dark Lady" by traveling about London. I think it's really clever and when I manage to win, I feel like I really accomplished something. Right now the publisher is fulfilling their Kickstarter campaign, but it should be available pretty soon.
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