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Default Re: TFT Demon Summoning Tool

It's a good thing this thread didn't exist 30 years ago. My parents might have seen it, and banned TFT along with D&D!
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Default Re: TFT Demon Summoning Tool

Ha ha! Here we are, proving all those 1970s hysterics correct about Satanic Panic. ;D

Thinking more about the "arts" stuff, perhaps what those do is that the demon gives some kind of extra insight into the skill that grants a +1 perk when using it. So an astrologer would get a +1 for whatever kinds of astrological tasks they attempt. Similarly a crafter with the arts bonus in carpentry or masonry would get a +1 on rolls in their related talents. Not a huge benefit, but again, more something that adds to the roleplaying aspect of fleshing out one's character.

If the "arts perk" sounds like a good idea, I can write that up as part of the system. That would include mapping the perk to the relevant skill, and the player would have to have that skill in order for the perk to have any value.
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