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Charles G.
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Default Cidri timeline


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Default Re: Cidri timeline


My favorite thing about Cidri is that you've come with an authoritative time line for one corner of it, but a gate-hop away is another place filled with people who would be surprised to see no mention of the glorious year when the Diamyo's troops captured the Brass Steam Monster and tamed it with iron tracks to carry his musketeers into battle. Cidri is the original 'Yes...And!' world of cooperative game mastering.
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Default Re: Cidri timeline


This looks good. Nice to have a sense of Cidri history from all sources, in one spot.

The non-SJ data can be like STAR WARS after Disney took over. The previous stuff became non-canon and became STAR WARS LEGEND.


I would insert the following:
  • 2800-3300* Jen Mnoren's first jump (ITL)
  • 2500-3000* Jenís descendants have 371 alternative Earths.
  • 2500-3000* Cidri Built
  • 2500-3000 Mnoren settlement of LBTM by the B'Orja clan (LBTM)

By this reckoning, history ON Cidri is about 3000 years. But with gates and Mnoren resettling people and things and perhaps even time travel, it just seems longer.
- Hail Melee
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Steve Jackson
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Default Re: Cidri timeline

Yes, I did intend the Death Test adventures to be on Cidri.

Ardonirane does not physically neighbor Eyntia, but of course Gate traffic may occur.

You are correct - for copyright reasons, the old material that we are not republishing cannot be considered canon.
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