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Default Expanding The Map For Interstellar Wars

Two things have frustrated me with GURPS: Interstellar Wars.

First the pretty and artistic map is very difficult to read.

Second, Sol sector has 16 subsectors, not 9.

So I sat down with my computer set out to make a more readable map and to retrograde the world data for c2170 instead of IY1115.

Basically I used the physical description of the system from The Traveller Map .com and used the world generation rules from ISW to fill in the rest.

ISW is almost 3,500 years ago from a Third Imperium perspective, lots should be different!

I even used Space Corsair's word generator to re-Vilaniize the names of the systems, because the Ziru Sirka wouldn't be using Terran names for things.

I've got pdfs I can email if anyone is interested. It's not perfect, by any means, being a labor of love; but you can't beat the price!
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Default Re: Expanding The Map For Interstellar Wars

Randy Dorman did that for Magyar, Daibei, and Alpha Crucis; it's up on if you change the milieu to "Interstellar Wars"
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