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Default Multiple "patching up"

is there a case in which I can try multiple patching up/ healing on the same subject?

Eg, one try with esoteric medicine + on try with first aid, or one try with esoteric medicine from healer A + one try with esoteric medicine from healer B.

I decided that inner healing (body control " self treatment") could be cumulative with external esoteric medicine, but what about the other cases above?

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Default Re: Multiple "patching up"

The rules specify to use either First Aid or Esoteric Medicine for a reason - patching someone up is a long action and generally once you've been bandaged up you can't just be bandaged up again to gain more HP back.

However, multiple medics working on the same person is an excellent place to use Complementary Skills (Exploits, p. 6), since two people can work a little faster and, more importantly, each can catch things the other might miss.
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