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Default Re: Infinite Worlds

Originally Posted by Lord_Kjeran
As to Centrum and Infinity....I have to agree that in many ways Centrum seems more benevolent. It's like the perfect textbook fascist state, one that actually works with abundent resources.
In many ways yes. In fact Centrum realy reminds me of The Culture -- they differ in many many ways, but are both left leaning pro-intervention states which believe that they are helping other worlds and societies. Centrum's hierarchical, which the culture realy isn't - but otherwise they seem to have a lot in common.

I'd say their more textbook communism than fascism, since no single dictator is in charge, and there is no private industry seperate from the state. In reality they aren't anything - they're merritocratic technocracy.
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Default Re: Infinite Worlds

Originally Posted by Ellie the Technomancer
No, I'm not French. But I live in Quebec and we get it almost as bad as them.
Don't know any "Kanuks" personally, but I have a friend who visited up there (Canada in general, not sure what part). He said the people were too damn nice. Their hospitality made him paranoid. And we're from Texas, so that's saying something.

I don't have my IW book yet. I'm saving money to get GCA first, but I will have it eventually. I'm trying to run an IW game using what I know from the Basic set, and winging the rest.

My PCs are working for RLF. Or at least one of them is. The other is a world jumper, rescued from a disaster world at birth by Miracle Workers, placed in a wealthy home, and watched closely. Infinity was going to recruit her when she finished college but the RLF found out, and got to her first.

In my campaign, Infinity IS the bad guy . . . at least for now.

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infinite worlds

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