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Old 11-24-2004, 02:22 PM   #11
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Default Re: Infinite Worlds Cover is up!


Yeah, I agree with's the same guy, one from Centrum, one from Homeline.

Great cover....I wasn't sure at first about using groupings/snapshots of old cover art on the new books (I'm an old "bubble cover" fan), but I have to admi that I like it.

I especially like it that John M. Ford has writing credit on IW....I loved his work since I read "The Final Reflection" when I was in high school. That's one of 4 Trek novels that I ~really~ like (the others being "Uhura's Song" "Year of the Phoenix" and "Privce of the Phoenix").

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Default Re: Infinite Worlds Cover is up!

Originally Posted by Lord_Kjeran
I especially like it that John M. Ford has writing credit on IW....
Well, Ford and SJ co-wrote GURPS Time Travel, which first presented the IW setting (for 3e). I haven't heard how much input Ford had on the 4e book; my impression is that it's primarily Hite's puppy, but of course SJ has to approve it. :-) I would be curious to hear more about the process of writing the new book, so am hoping that Hite does a Designer's Notes column for Pyramid--reading him discuss the craft is often just as intriguing as the final product.
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infinite worlds

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