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Default Another RPM Specialization Thread

I've been kicking around with RPM (and Pyramid: Laws of Magic) and still trying to wrap my head around all the subtleties of the system. An idea sprung to my head, but it could very well be half-baked, so I'm looking for input!

Basically, there would be a range of different traditions in RPM in this world, and each would have its own limitations relating to the path skills. Each would have a specialization of Thaumatology (or similar spell) associated with it. Examples (with names pulled out of the air):

Thaumatology (Scrolls of K'Em): No greater effects on Body; no access to Crossroads or Undead.

Thaumatology (Vecian Necromancy): No greater effects on Matter; no access to Chance.

etc. etc.

A caster that has Thaum skills which allow him to access to Paths or effects barred by another skill, he can in effect use his lowest skill as the casting skill for a ritual if it involves both. For example, a caster with Thaum (Scrolls of K'Em)-16 and Thaum (Vecian Necromancy)-14 could potentionally cast a spell involving a greater effect on Matter and an Undead effect, but he would be casting it at his lowest skills (i.e. Vecian Necromancy).

Is this an approach that could make sense at all, or is there a better way to do this?
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Default Re: Another RPM Specialization Thread

I tend to run a mix of systems for my Fantasy campaigns.
In the world I have been working on for the past decade or two I have several so I obviously like the concept. However you have to be careful as players can get overwhelmed with choices.

For various RPM systems I decide first if they use the same power source (Mana, Spirit, Chi, Will, or Divine) to see if you need different versions of Magery.
Assuming they are the same, my next choice is are they a Magical Style or a totally different Tradition.
For a different Tradition I would simply say choose which one to roll against rather then blending them. Its simpler and less fussy.
I would not let a blending occur as you describe in most cases.
If I did I would go with Invention or Gadgeteering penalties and probably require Gadgeteering (Thaumatology) to represent an insane level of inspired genius.
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