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Default Modified Magery for RPM

Long-time lurker, recent participant!

So I'm prepping a bit of GURPS for a low fantasy game, and having had an eager eye on actually trying out RPM for some time, I'm looking over the system and the many great forum posts about it. Loving it this far (though the math is heavy, but there you go - not a problem for me, nor for at least some of my players).

I have a small question though, and haven't been able to find any answer on the forums. Might just be me overlooking something obvious, but would is be alright to apply Limitations to RPM Magery (as long as they do not relate to the standard fatigue-powered system)? I'm talking Pact, Dark-Aspected, Accessibility, etc.?
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Default Re: Modified Magery for RPM

RPM Magery is really Energy Pool plus Perk for raising skill caps.
I don't see any reason why you couldn't limit it like most other advantages.
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Default Re: Modified Magery for RPM

Putting limitations on it is fine, and recommended actually if you want to eke out a certain ambiance. I know it sounds like you are testing the waters a bit, so this might be a premature recommendation, but if you find you like it a lot, this pyramid issue is like the missing manual on customizing RPM.

The Ritual Path Specialist articles sounds especially useful to you, but I recommend you play with the RPM system a bit first, then if you find you like it enough to continue using it in other adventures and campaigns, then that issue does a lot of good.
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Emerald Cat
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Default Re: Modified Magery for RPM

For a good source of limitations to place on the Magery, I'd recommend GURPS Power-Ups 8: Limitations.
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magery, ritual path magic

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