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Default Making all three stats important for a wizard

Just use this formula to determine the maximum ST any wizard can use.

That means that a ST 6, DX 9, IQ 17 Molly has only got a total of 18 fatigue of rest per day and with DX 9 less than seven of those points are ever going to do anything.

On the other tentacle, ST 12, DX 12, IQ 8 Merman Don has a total of 36 points of fatigue per day and with DX 12, 26 points will do something useful. That's over three times the amount of effective ST.
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Default Re: Making all three stats important for a wizard

Why would your base ST matter?

Everyone regains fatigue at the same speed. So at most the difference would be a couple of points of fST at the end of the day when you go to sleep and fill your fST to maximum again.

My thinking would rather be that an apprentice will cast his 25ish points of aid, and if he has a high DX he will be more rested at the end of the day and if he has a low DX he will be more exhausted.

Let's say you contribute 5 mana at a time. And fail 50% of the time. That means you cast about 6 mana worth of Aid every 1,5h. So in a 12h shift you could provide 50ish mana. But if half is wasted due to logistical timing problems and the apprentice practicing his own spells I guess 25 is reasonable average.
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