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Default WTT UofLHoops' New Have/Want List Of Promo Cards

Hey Everyone...I think it's time to try to catch up a bit on promo cards. Here is what I'm looking for at the moment:

Have for Trade:

Awful Green Thing
Axe Cop
Bonzai Tree
Cloak Of Anonymity
Club Of Fighting
Duck In Black
Game Mechanic
Ghost Hands
Grouching Tiger
Hello Carrier
Hipster Hireling
Lightning Bolt
Mistakenly Modified Moop
Phlegm Fatale
Pitcher Of Cheap Beer
Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device (pat. pending)
Pub Knight
Touched By Cthulhlu
Trap! Panic
Twisp & Catsby
Zombie Santa


The Official Munchkin Cheesy Promotional Bookmark Of Power
The Official Munchkin Free RPG Day Bookmark Of Roleplaying Freedom
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Retroactive Continuity
The Official Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition Bookmark Of The Weird Alternate Universe
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Nefarious Necromancy
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Boom And Bust
The Official Munchkin Gloom Bookmark Of Vexing Vitality
The Official Munchkin Pathfinder Bookmark Of Goblin Turkeys
The Official Munchkin Pathfinder Bookmark Of Instant Gratification
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Adventure Time
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Braaaaaaaaaaaains
The Official Munchkin Smash Up Bookmark Of Smashing Success
The Official Munchkin Cthulhu Bookmark Of Esoteric Empowerment (short and tall versions)
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Cavalry Charges
The Official Munchkin Jumbo D6 Bookmark Of Hexahedral Retrieval
The Official Munchkin Conan Bookmark Of Barbaric Bludgeoning
The Official Munchkin Zombies Bookmark Of Shelter Skelter
The Official Munchkin Impossible Bookmark Of Her Majesty's Secret Circus
The Official GameStop Munchkin Bookmark Of Stopping The Game
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of International TableTop Day
The Official Munchkin Bookmark Of Gol-Darned Gunslinging
The Official Munchkin Booty Bookmark Of Shipshape Sailing
The Official Munchkin Quest Bookmark Of Portable Respawning
The Official Munchkin Steampunk Bookmark Of Reckless Re-Engineering
The Official Munchkin Axe Cop Bookmark Of Chopping Heads (short version)


....Of Smiting
Cash Cow
Cavalry Captain
Chrome Dome
Clockwork Dragon
Curse! Schooled By Mr. Fanny!
Curse! Zombiefication
Dungeon Of Fashionable Fighting
Fisher King
Flat Screen Monitor
Flora The Unfasionable
Frankenstein's Mobster
Grin And Tonic
Hireling: Das Mustache
Loose Cannon
Man In The Moon
Mourning Star
Mystic Correspondence
Potion Of Ridiculous Luck
Renaissance Fairy
Short-Sleeved Coat
Start A Munchkin Legend
Ten Galleon Hat

The Good, The Bad, And The Munchkin
Duck Holliday

Munchkin Impossible
Train Training

Super Munchkin
Action Cat And Adventure Bug

Nightmare Before Christmas
Pumpkin King

Munchkin Oz

Star Munchkin
Khan Artist
Sidekick: Awesome Bear
Space Family Peralta

Munchkin Zombies
Curse! Dead Two Rights
Soft Serve

Munchkin Apocalypse
Laser Pointer
Monster By Mail

Munchkin Booty

Munchkin Cthulhu
Curse! Revealed Cult Secrets
Curse! Step On A Non-Euclidean Brick Toy
Lovecraft Fan Fiction Collection
The Cell Of Cthulhu

Munchkin Panic
Friendship Potion
Potion Of Mwahahaha!

Munchkin Adventure Time
Grass Sword

Munchkin Quest

Munchkin Fu
Mook: Hidden Muskrat

Plus any newer card not listed above...

I can be contacted through IM or via email at

Thanks for looking!

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