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Default AtE herbalism with Gene-engineered plants

I want my post-Apocalypse setting to have exotic plants with properties that far surpass that of natural plants, but are still scientifically plausible.

An example would be sap from a tree that when rubbed on a cut speeds the healing process.

Now I'm no biologist or anything so I'm not sure what we could really get in terms of in game effect from the above, but if I did I'm sure I wouldn't me making this thread.
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Default Re: AtE herbalism with Gene-engineered plants

For realistic use existing properties of the plants and multiply the effect by a factor of 4(or more) for late TL8/early TL9 maybe 16 times as effective at mature TL9.

A flax that can have the back of the leaf pulled from the front of the leaf to reveal an inner antiseptic layer. Instant bandage.

Mushrooms/plants with antibiotic properties. Depending on your level of realism/optimism the bacteria will probably out evolve the plant/fungi (at least locally)

Many more options will exist though
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after the end

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