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Default Iron blades

Soft iron weapons (and armor) can be made by forging nearly all of the carbon out of steel. These have the same costs and effects as bronze, but with the magnetic penalty of steel. These are known to do double damage against demons, but the exact mechanism is unclear and wizards are reluctant to summon enough demons for detailed testing.

When a soft iron weapon suffers a break weapon effect roll one die. On a 1-3 the weapon is actually broken and on a 4-6 it is merely bent out of shape (no enchantments are lost) and can be fixed with 12 turns of effort by any figure with the proper weapons talent.

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Default Re: Iron blades

Master Armourers only I would think.

Cost should not be based on actually making the item, but in the value of what it is worth to the person.

Who would want one that wasn't looking for that specific kind of trouble?

It could be assumed that the person who wants one is going to be with a wizard to either summon one or something similar. The cost of that isn't going to be cheap, therefore that person can afford a higher price.
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