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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Red will take all out defense (dodge). No step.

The AP recovery roll failed.
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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

- - -
What do you think of possible house rules for crits?

*Critical Hit 7,13,14: instead of ANY damage, sub injury exceeding HP/20. Seems reasonalbe considering you need to exceed HP/10 to cripple an eye.
*CH8: as above, "funny bone" injuries still must exceed 1/2 the normal threshold (so HP/4 for limbs, HP/6 for extremities).
**seeking your input here: that seem too high? perhaps 1/3 the normal or 1/4 the normal?
*CH12: dropping not automatic, instead subtract quadruple Control Points equal to whatever the basic damage is from anything the target is holding, halving per adjacent step like Referred Control, so if you inflict 1 damage, the hand would lose 4 CP if you hit the hand directly, 2 CP if you merely hit the arm, 1 CP if you merely hit the torso, 0 if further.

*Critical Head Blow 3 - instead of ignoring all DR, apply an armor divisor of 3
**seeking input here, does this seem too little? It's enough to ignore the DR 2 standard for human skulls, and more than the "half DR" which is the highest seen in other results. Do you think it should be greater like divisor 5 or divisor 10? Divisor 100 still seems too extreme.
*CHB4,5 as per CH7,13,14 use "more than HP/20" injury instead of "any damage"
*CHB 8 - only knocked off balance if basic damage exceeds HP/20, similar to above except DR doesn't matter.
*CHB12,13 - as with 4,5 sub >HP/20 for "any" damage
*CHB14 - as with CH12, subtract quadruple CP instead of automatic dropping

*Critical Miss 3,4: weapon breaking is not automatic, instead roll swing-crushing damage based on the ST you applied to your attack, and roll on the critical hit table against your weapon.
*CM:7/13: losing balance is not automatic, instead roll swing-crushing damage based on twice the ST you applied to the attack to determine if it is enough to knock you back one yard. if it is, you lose balance.
*CM:8,12 - as with CH12/CHB14, use Control Point reduction instead of automatic dropping. Roll damage as if you had hit (based on ST you intended to hit with) but only subtract 2x the basic damage.
**Something which Unreadies is only half as bad as something which Disarms, since unreadying happens at 1/2 CP needed to wield the weapon.
*CM:9,10,11 except with 4x since the result is intend to drop.
**Ignore the "cheap weapons break instead" bit, instead we need general guidelines for failed disarms (Striking At Weapons) still applying stress to weapons. Really the damage inflicted on a weapon (possibly ignored due to DR) and trying to disarm a weapon by hitting it should be merged into a single indivisible thing. Non-damaging attempts to disarm a weapon are covered by "Break Free" now.
*CM14 : as with CM 9/10/11 except with 5x (it takes more lost control to fling than to drop) the lost CP...
**we need a general rule for if CP goes extremely negative, it counts as basic damage for determining knockback as determined by comparing to the HP representing the weapon's mass

*Critical Miss 15 - crippling of weapon arm is not automatic, instead roll crushing damage based on the ST and nature of your attack (thrust if thrusting, swing if swung) which will automatically ignore your DR (it's internal damage) and treat it as an automatic critical hit against yourself. This is pseudo-damage you will recover within 30 minutes.
*CM16 - as with CM7/13, only fall down if the ST you applied to your attack results in a pseudo-Shove which was enough to knock you around one yard.
**Or, ALTERNATIVELY, treat as a shove with twice as much ST, and make standard DX rolls to avoid falling penalized per yards of knockback (except you aren't knocked back, like with an elbow drop, it is only for purposes of determining if you keep your balance)

*Unarmed Critical Miss 3,18 - instead of automatic self-knockout, your attack (based on whatever ST you applied to it) hits you in the head (we need a random sub-location table to determine if face, skull, nose or jaw) and you must roll on the critical hit table. Standard knockdown/knockout rules apply.
*UCM4 - instead of an automatic loss of 1 HP, treat as CM15
**plus in addition to the pseudo-damage, take real damage equal to the pseudo-damage minus a penalty as per "Defensive Attack".
*UCM7,14- as per CM:7,13 and CM:16 a stumble is not automatic, instead it is a possibility (knockback as if a critical shove) proportionate to the ST applied to the attack (or parry), so that elephants can try to gently shove/trample/parry/obstruct mice using 1/40 their ST with minimal chances of falling down if they miss them.
**Lower-ST parrying should probably be SLOWER though. Last Gasp reduces 1 DX per 10% loss in ST when FP loss reduces them, so that seems like a decent scale to mimic. If you act as if you are fatigued (low ST parries) then the effectiveness of your parries should be similarly reduced. That works out to -1 to parry per 20% voluntary reduction in ST.
*UCM8 - as above but for falls
*UCM9/10/11 - as above, but for lost balance
*UCM12 - as above, but for tripping
*UCM13 - as above, but for dropped guard
*UCM14 - instead of 1d-3 suffer damage from the attack as if it was Defensive (-1 per die, or -2, whichever is greater). This ignores DR but not damage divisors. You are only "off balance" if injury exceeds HP/20.

"Fighters that cannot fall down" rule is same, instead of 1d-3 general injury, suffer the damage from the attack minus a "Defensive Attack" penalty of general injury. Intentionally attacking or parrying at lower than maximal ST should not have the same risks of damage, and lower ST creatures should not have a higher chance of suffering major wounds from critical failures.

ignore the "perhaps your opponent steps on you" option for GMs, that takes control away from the character as to whether or not they WANT to trample you. Accidental trampling rules are a great idea but should be applied in a broader scope, and should only happen accidentally when you "miss" a step (requiring to-hit rolls for steps to find footing that enemies' feet are not occupying!)

- - -

I think you're still 2/10ap 7/10fp 7/10hp (torso hit) and I'm 3/12ap 9/12fp 7/12hp (left leg) ?

Standard attack maneuver (my AP 3 reduced to 2), right-handed grab to your left leg at DX (12-1=11)

rolled a 9, success.


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Default Re: A Challenger Appears! Green versus Red

Red steps back, pulling his leg out of the way.


This may sound weird, but I typically don't use the critical hit tables. I find them too random, arbitrary, and ultimately human-centric.

funny bone injuries I'd favor letting the HP/20 aspect do its work. you don't have to hit yourself that hard to disable a limb.

armor divisor 3 seems elegant enough for head blows. I can't decide if that or AD (5) is best.
Worlds Beyond Earth -- my blog
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