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Default [Mass Combat] Fantasy TL 2-3 questions

1) I have "Roman Legion" in Campaign and they are stated as Fine equip(Lorica Segmentata)/Average+ troops Heavy Infantry.

Now if I give Crossbow to Cohort of them,How should I stat them?

As Bowman Fine Equip/Ave+ troops or as Heavy Infantry Fine/Ave+ with "F"-class added?

2) Since its Fantasy and there are flying troops I gave Light Artillery(scorpions and similar) ´(Air) class(negating opponents Air,as if AAA).

Could Heavy Artillery(Balista and Catapult) be given (Arm) class also to negate opponents Armour(Elephants,Fasntasy beasts...),or should just Balistas be given that?

3) If some unit has multiple Classes(Mages as example) do they contribute their TS toward calculating Class superiority in all of their Classes or you must pick one Class,as if dedicating them to specific function(Mages will help with Communication and Surveilance = they contribute only to C3I;Mages will lob Ritually create "fields of Fire,Rain of fire...etc" and will act as Artillery;Mages will actively participate in combat with Fireballs,Expl.Fireballs,Lightinings..etc and contribute to F-class...etc) ?
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